FAQ Golf Cart Rentals Orlando

Does Golf Cart Rentals Orlando charge for delivery?

We at Golf Cart Rentals Orlando include free delivery within the greater Orlando area when you rent a golf cart for our minimum 3 day period. Please feel free to contact us if you need a cart for less than the 3 day minimum.

The correct answer would be , it depends on what state you live in. Generally the cart needs to have additional safety equipment added such as head and tail lights, turn signal indicators and seat belts. Many states require larger wheels and independent braking systems as well as a non folding windscreen. You need to provide information to show your cart is a ‘Low Speed Vehicle’ and then register the vehicle.

What type of batteries can i get?

We can supply Trojan, Powertron or HDK batteries in either 6v, 8v or 12v.

How often should i change my batteries?

This depends on how much use they have had. A golf cart that has been used regularly on a golf course would be expected to run 2 years on a set of batteries. The only way to correctly diagnose the ability for a battery to hold its charge is to carry out a ‘Discharge Test’ using a special test unit. The tester draws a load on a set of batteries until the voltage has dropped below a threshold. It can then calculate as a percentage how much charge a set of batteries can hold and will also determine any bad cells within the set.

Do you have an emergency contact number?

Yes, our telephone is monitored 24/7 along with any emails.

What happens if my golf cart breaks down?

Golf cart rentals Orlando prides itself on keeping our fleet maintained. However in the event of a problem we will send out our mobile mechanic or replacement golf cart within the greater Orlando area.

Do I need to be there when cart is delivered?

Generally we require the person who will be responsible for the cart to be present at delivery. However under special circumstances we can leave the cart with a designated person or location(with the correct permissions). We can leave the key in a secure lockbox and release it upon your arrival.

Can we deliver to Fort Wilderness Camp Ground?

Please Call for Details – 407-557-2775

What are my payment options?

Money orders and cashiers check accepted for transactions over the phone. Online transactions require a valid credit card.

How long will i get from a fully charged cart

Generally golf carts at Golf Cart Rentals Orlando are designed to run for approximately 2 rounds of golf. This equates to around one and a half(1.5)hours of actual running time.

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