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Golf Cart Rentals Orlando


Golf Cart Rentals Orlando is proud to be serving Central Florida and has grown over the past several years into a premier rental provider. Along the way we have gained a reputation for providing the highest quality Golf Cart Rentals for the best price.

Here at Golf Cart Rentals Orlando our main goal is to please the customer every time. We have a 99% customer satisfaction rate and we always go that extra bit to make sure we can better serve your needs. We are a Rental only company and that is our only focus, All of our staff are competent and reliable.

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Who we are;

We are a Family Owned business and have been for over 10 years. We have operated in several business here in Central Florida and Golf Cart Rentals Orlando is our flagship. We operated as Vacation Home managers for the first several years and then got involved in Golf Cart Rentals. We also have a Hot Tub Rental business which is a new venture and a Real Estate Brokerage all within the family here in Orlando.

We sure like to keep ourselves busy!

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